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Bohemian Grove summer camp for powerful - Topic Powered by eve community

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Bohemian Grove summer camp for powerful - Topic Powered by eve community

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Originally posted by niche:
It's the opening ceremony, (art - it's a play) where they give up the cremation of care. They all become equals no matter of status, wealth and leave all there cares of the world behind for the encampment.

Niche, et al-

The thing I have against he Cremation of Care has nothing to do with human sacrfice, in the context it is usually used to dismiss the CofC.

This gathering is like no other I know of in terms of its concentration of the VERY top economic and political interests commingling off the record in an admittedly casual atmosphere. The casualness of it is disarming, and you can forget that the guys sitting around the fire in polo shirts and khakis discussing political and economic topics of the day are in a position to form public and/or economic policies.

Burning Care is a very negative message. Care should be what holds people together. For them to feel they have to get rid of the "Dull Cares of the Market Place" sends a message that these men are at odds with Care, find it repulsive and to be avoided.

Some would argue that that mindset finds its way outside the grove and in to the board rooms and situation rooms these men control.

I would like the men in charge to hold a higher regard for Care, and what it should signify as a guide for the decisions they make.

If better decisions were made, maybe Care wouldn't be so repugnant. We don't need to send our youth to war, for instance, over personal vendettas and power plays. You have to know how to set Care aside to do that. These men get practice.

Donny Fix

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