Monday, August 27, 2007

Bangkok Post Breaking News

Bangkok Post Breaking News

Now, as much as ever, follow the money.

It is no surprise that Afghanistan is offering yet another parallel with Viet Nam. During that war, the Golden Triangle grew as an international economic force through heroin export. French Connection mafia, local warlords and the CIA were among the profiteers.

Later, Ollie North and Ronald Reagan tried the same out of the White House basement, this time negotiating guns for cocaine deals between Nicaragua and Iran.

Now, poppies from Afghanistan, and if history is any judge, look for American hands in the blood money.

We should also prepare for a major influx of heroin, especially in to poorer neighborhoods as happened during Viet Nam. As Alongopos and Saigon Cities materialize outside the permanent military bases being established, young soldiers (and maybe some old) will find ways to smoke opium, or worse. One's free. And the cares float away, for a while.

For many years, I have heard many the story of men my age who experienced horror or boredom and fixed it, for a while.

Meanwhile, look out for where the money for this bumper Afghan crop is headed.

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