Thursday, June 21, 2007

BBC NEWS | Asia-Pacific | China building more power plants

BBC NEWS | Asia-Pacific | China building more power plants

Here is an interesting story that makes ther point that a good share of China's carbon footprint is the result of a long history of Western nations sending their manufacturing to China to take advantage of cheap labor.

The article suggests that the West could export more renewable technologies to China to help lessen the environmental footprint and give a nudge to renewables. I think we need to rethink the entire area of trade from an environmental perspective. All concerned should consume locally and learn what we can do without, so we don't use so much of our dwindling resources, especially oil which we are in a war for, sending consumables all over the world.

Producing less to consume less is not a popular message to some sectors of capitalist society. But for long term conservation efforts that will reduce our impact on the earth's ability to support us, it will be necessary.

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